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The Akademi honours, on an annual basis, the scholars for their outstanding works in Urdu Literature under various categories. The different categories of these awards are as follows :
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List of 2009-2010 Awardees
1. Maulana Abdul Kalam Azad Award (one Award National Zonel) Rs. 5.00 Lakhs
Mr. Iqbal Mateen, Hyderabad (Renowned Story Writer)
2. Ameer Khusro Award, (One) Rs. 1.50 lakh
Mr. Bekal Utsahi, Balrampur (Renowned Poet)
3. Total Urdu Literary work Award (Five Awards) Rs. 1 Lakh Each
Mrs. Masroor Jehan, Lucknow
Mr. Haneef Tareen, Sambhal
Mrs. Sajida Zaedi, Aligarh
Mr. Mohd. Ishaq Siddiqui Lucknow
Mr. Fazal Hussain, Allahabad
4. Prem Chand Award (One Award) Rs. 1 Lakh
Mr. Pradeep Jain, Muzzafarpur
5. Urdu Journalism Award (Two Award) Rs.50,000/- Each
Mr. Akhtar Yunis Qidwai (Print Media) Lucknow
Mr. Shafaat Ali (Electronic Media) Lucknow.
6. Media Award (One Award) Rs. 25000/-
Mr. Tariq Qamar (E.T.V. Urdu Lucknow)
7. Ketabat Award (One Award) Rs. 15000/-
Mr. Riyaz Ahmad, Allahabad
Note: During the year 2009 Published Book Award will announce after the15 Jauanry 2010.
List of Awardees 2008-2009
1. Maulana Abul Kalam Azad Award, Rs. 1 Lakh
Janab Ratan Singh, Noida
2. Total Urdu Litrary Works, (Two Awards), Rs. 51000/- Each
Janab Faiyaz Rafat , Lucknow
Dr.Ashfaq Mohd.Khan, Lucknow
3. Journalism Award, Rs. 10,000/-
Janab Husain Ameer
4. Publisher Award, Rs. 1000/-
Malik Book Depot, Delhi
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