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The Akademi has so far published over 350 books under its Publication programme. These include books on various topics with particular emphasis on classical literature, anthologies of classical poets, books related to the freedom movement, university textbooks and children’s literature.
Publication of “Al-Hilal” (in three volumes) is worth mention.
1. (A)
Educational Institutions and general buyers will be given 10% commission on purchase books up to Rs. 100 and 25% commission on the purchase of more than Rs.100.
25% commission will be given to the urdu students of Post Graduate level.
On the purchasing of one copy each 40% commission will be allowed to urdu teacher.
15% commission will be given to Public Libraries.
3. The following rates of commissions will be give to the Book sellers.
(A) On the purchasing of books up to Rs. 100/-, 33.3% commission will be allowed.
On the purchasing of books of Rs. 100/- or on wards, 40% commission will be admissible.
It is compulsory to send the 1/4 (One fourth) amount of Total cost. A books in advance. If the orders is more than Rs. 50/- the akadami will bear all Postage / Railway expenses.
On demand of books less than Rs. 50/-, It will be compulsory to send the total amount of order in advance and the buyer has to bear the postage expenses.
It is also compulsory to send the full amount of bill in advance within almost three month from the date of issuing the bill other wise 12% additional payment will have to be made on the total unpaid amount of the bill by the purchaser (customer).
If a person/trader denied to receive the Railway parcel/ V.P. without any reasonable excuse the total expenses of sending the books will be charged from him and the amount of damage, if any, will also be relovered from the concerned firm/person. The Akadami will not take back.
According to the order supplied book will not be taken back.
Kindly write down the name of your bank post office and near by Railway station necessarily the time of placing the order.
If any of dispute, the decision of Akadami will be final and finding on the firm / customer and will be sued in Lucknow court.
The advance amount of order or the payment will be acceptable only in the favour of Secretary U.P. Urdu Akadami, Lucknow by the Bank Draft / Money order.
NOTE: Only the name of those books have been included in this list which are available in the stock. There are number of books, which are out of print, the Plan of reprinting them is on.
Uttar Pradesh Urdu Akademi
Vibhuti Khand, Gomti Nagar
S.No. Books Name Author / Compiler Rate List
1. Intikhab Aabru   Zafar Ahmad Siddqui    31/-
2. Intikhab Agha Hajju Sharaf Kazim Ali Khan 31/-
3. Intikhab Agha Hashr Kashmiri Agha Jamil Kashmiri 9/-
4. Intikhab Iqbal Dr. Ameer Ullah Khan Shahin 30/-
5. Intikhab Iqbal Sohail Mohammad Ziyauddin Islahi 9/-
6. Intikhab Ilahi Baksh Maroof Ateeq Ahmad Siddiqui  13/-
7. Intikhab Amanat Lucknowi Akhlaq Husain Arif 20/-
8. Intikhab Ameer Ullah Tasleem Fazleiiman 6/-
9. Intikhab Inam Ullah Khan Yaqeen Abul Kalam Qasmi 9/-
10. Intikhab Burq Agha Momammad Baqar 6.50/-
11. Intikhab Bekhud Badayuni Asad Badayuni             8/-
12. Intikhab Jafar Ali Khan Asar Kazim Ali Khan 7/-
13. Intikhab Jigar Biswani Khursheed Afsar Biswani 4.50/-
14. Intikhab Jigar Moradabadi M. Kothyani Rahi 22/-
15. Intikhab Josh Malihabadi Ismat Malihabadi 18/-
16. Intikhab Hatim Ali Meher Begum Naseem Iqtedar Ali       20/-
17. Intikhab Hasrat Mohani Mohammad Raza Ansari 16/-
18. Intikhab Hafeez Jaunpuri Mahbuburrahman Farooqui 7/-
19. Intikhab Khalil Urrahman Azmi Shaher yar 10/-
20. Intikhab Khawaja Haider Ali Aatish Waliul Haq Ansari 28/-
21. Intikhab Khawaja Mir Dard Nisar Azmi       24/-
22. Intikhab Dagh Qazi Jamal Husain        36/-
23. Intikhab Rajab Ali Beg Suroor   Hanif Naqvi 7/-
24. Intikhab Salam Machli Shahri     Irfan Abbasi 12/-
25. Intikhab Shaur Bil Grami Zaki Kakorvi 19/-
26. Intikhab Shad Azeemabadi Najmuddin Ansari 25/-
27. Intikhab Shafeeq Jaunpuri Rajender Bahadur Mauj 9/-
28. Intikhab Zamin Ali Jalal Syed Sikandar Agha     22/-
29. Intikhab Zareef Abdul Bari 25/-
30. Intikhab Zaheer Dehelvi Mohammad Ziyauddin Islahi 12/-
31. Intikhab Abdul Hai Taban Asmat Malihabadi 15/-
32. Intikhab Fani Budauni Akhtar Bastvi   7.50/-
33. Intikhab Faqeer Mohammad Khan Goya Anjum Malihabadi 8/-
34. Intikhab Quli Qutub Shah Sayyeda Jafar   13/-
35. Intikhab Qamar Moradabadi Saadat Ali Siddiqui 41/-
36. Intikhab Lala Madhav Ram Jauhar Rajendra Bahadur Mauj 18/-
37. Intikhab Machis Lucknowi Raees Agha 29/-
38. Intikhab Mohammad Jan Hairat Allahabadi Kazim Ali Khan 24/-
39. Intikhab Momin Dr Zafar Ahmad Siddiqui 21/-
40. Intikhab Meer Qazi Afzal Husain 28/-
41. Intikhab Nasikh Kazim Ali Khan 45/-
42. Nadir Kakorvi Zaki Kakorvi 10/-
43. Intikhab Natiq Lucknowi Irfan Abbasi 18/-
44. Nazeem Akbarabadi (Manzamat) Masud Hasan Khan 21/-
45. Intikhab Nazeer Akbarabadi (Gaazaliyat) Malikzada Manzoor Ahmad 29/-
46. Intikhab Wamiq Jaunpuri Ghulam Rizvi Gardish 11/-
47. Intikhab Wahshi Kanpuri Rajendra Bahadur Mauj 20/-
48. Intikhab Hawas Suleman Husain 4/-
49.. Intikhab Yagana Anis Ashfaq 21/-
50.. Intikhab Shauq Bharaichi Irfan Abbasi 45/-
51.. Intikhab Shaikh Ibrahim Zauq Tanveer Ahmad Alvi 23/-
52.. Intikhab Firaq Gorakhpuri Afghan Ullah 23/-
53.. Intikhab Muneer Shikohabadi Riyazuddin 25/-
54.. Intikhab Wajid Ali Shah Akhtar Kaukab Qadar Sajjad Ali Meer 45/-
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